Academic Guidance


Academic Guidance

Counselors provide academic support, resources, and guidance necessary to graduate. They inform, advise, support and monitor each student’s academic progress through the following activities and services:

  • Orientation to St. Francis High School’s course offerings and graduation requirement;
  • Individual appointments with each student;
  • On-going monitoring of student’s fulfillment of graduation and college entrance requirements;
  • Facilitation of parent/teacher/student conferences as necessary;
  • Referral to tutoring;
  • Provision for study skills sessions;
  • Administration of national tests (PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP) and interpretation of results;
  • Training and advising through Naviance Family Connection.
  • For students with learning differences, the counselors partner with our Resource Specialist and Resource Coordinator, who will work with your student to provide the following services:
    • Referrals for diagnostic testing;
    • Provision for recommended interventions;
    • Coordination of student study teams;
    • Assisting parents with completion of IEP or 504 with public school districts;
    • Assisting communication with teachers as necessary.
    • Assist in applying for accommodations through the College Board and ACT
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Course Registration/Scheduling

St. Francis High School students register for courses online using Naviance Family Connection. Parents and students with questions or who are having trouble logging in to Naviance should contact a counselor in the Guidance Department.

The Course Catalog is posted under Academics. Parents are asked to review the catalog selections with their daughter (note prerequisites for specific courses) and work together on building her four-year plan. They should consider the academic course graduation requirements for St. Francis Catholic High School as well as any additional courses needed to attend more selective colleges and universities.

After submitting requests online, each student meets with her counselor to finalize her selections. After the counselor approves the course selections, a course registration form will be sent home with the student for parent review and signature.

Class schedules will be mailed to students in early July. All schedule changes will be processed during a two-week schedule change window in July, and the last day to request a schedule change will be included in a letter mailed with the student schedule. Requests must be received by this date to be considered. Once school has started, only schedule corrections will be considered during the first week of classes.

Schedule Change Form 2018-2019

Course Scheduling Policy

Every effort is made to accommodate legitimate course requests. However, course availability, prerequisites, and departmental guidelines may result in some requests not being fulfilled. A student must be enrolled in a minimum of six courses (30 credits) each semester. Students may not exceed eight courses (40 credits) each semester; exceptions are made for one academic team (1 credit) each semester.

Students may not request a schedule change based upon teacher preference. Schedule changes are only allowed under the following circumstances:

  • Students are cut from a sport and must add P.E. (see P.E. Policy).
  • The school initiates the change, determined through student performance in the class.
  • St. Francis Catholic High School erred in scheduling; for example, a schedule that is missing a required course.

Students must register for a minimum of six (60 units) classes and may not exceed eight (80 units).  Exceptions to credit maximums are made for one (1) credit Academic Teams.

Dropping Courses

Yearlong Courses:

  • No course/grade will appear on the transcript as long as the course is dropped within the within twenty-five (25) school days of the start of the year.
  • Students will receive a “W” on their report card for courses dropped after the twenty-five (25) school day window has expired. No drops may occur within twenty-five (25) school days of the first scheduled final.
  • Students who request a drop at semester will receive their first-semester grade and a “W” on their transcript for second-semester.
  • Students who request a drop after the second semester has begun will receive their first-semester grade and a “WF” on their transcript for second-semester.  A “WF” will be counted as an “F” (0-grade points) in the GPA.

Semester-Long Courses:

  • No course/grade will appear on the transcript as long as the course is dropped within the within twenty-five (25) school days of the start of the semester.
  • Students will receive a “W” on their report card for courses dropped after the twenty-five (25) school day window has expired. No drops may occur within twenty-five (25) school days of the first scheduled final.

Students may not drop a Theology, Social Studies, or English class.

Students on Academic Teams may request a drop if initiated by the teacher by halfway through the team’s season and at the discretion of the Academic Team coach. Because each Academic Team season differs in duration, each team’s halfway point is determined by the number of meetings held in that season, per the team syllabus.

Retaking Courses

If a student receives a “D” or “F” semester grade and retakes the course, both courses and grades will remain on the transcript. However, the higher grade will be used in GPA calculation and receive the credit. A student requesting to retake a course at another institution must receive counselor and administrative approval for placement on the St. Francis Catholic High School transcript.

Honors and Advanced Placement Policy

Students may enroll in no more than three Honors or AP classes per semester at St. Francis Catholic High School. Each year, students wishing to take a fourth Honors or AP class may petition the Assistant Principal for a waiver of this policy, under special circumstances. Students and their parents may be asked to appear before a review panel.

Advanced Placement Exam Policy

All students enrolled in AP classes are expected to take the AP exams. Students must pay the non-refundable registration fee by the end of the second week of instruction in February or obtain a partial fee waiver from the business office.

Any student who does not take the AP exam for her course will be required to take a departmental final, regardless of the student’s grade in the course or grade level.

Students not enrolled in a St. Francis Catholic High School AP/Honors course that offers an exam will not be able to sit for that AP exam.  Students who wish to take an AP exam in a course not offered at St. Francis Catholic High School must submit an application to their Guidance Counselor by October 1.  Due to demand and proctor availability, the school cannot guarantee that the request for a non- St. Francis High School AP tests will be granted.

Physical Education Policies

Students participating in any level of a St. Francis Catholic High School athletic team will be exempt from taking Physical Education (P.E.) in the semester during which their sport competes. Fall semester Contract P. E. is offered for Cross Country, Golf, Tennis, Water Polo, and Volleyball. Spring semester Contract P. E. is offered for Basketball, Soccer, Softball, Swimming and Diving, Lacrosse and Track. Each student-athlete must maintain good standing on the team for the duration of the season. (See Athletic Policies)

Students wishing to receive a P.E. waiver for a sport that is not a contract P.E. offering at St. Francis Catholic High School, must submit a P.E. Waiver form found on the school’s website. All P.E. waivers must be submitted within the first two weeks of the school year. No late waivers will be considered.  Students on a P.E. waiver will receive a one semester (5 credit) waiver during the fall semester. (PE Waiver)

A senior who has taken three courses (15 credits), and is on a Spring sport must complete the entire season. If she is cut from a team or quits within the first two weeks of the semester, she must join a St. Francis non-cut sport or will be placed in Cardio or Rec-Fitness.  If she chooses to not try out or quits after the first two weeks of the semester, she will be placed in a Cardio or Rec-Fitness class with a grade reduction commensurate with the amount of class time missed.

Courses Taken at Other Academic Institutions

St. Francis High School will accept credit toward graduation from WCEA/WASC accredited High Schools under the following conditions:

  • Students must consult with their Guidance Counselor and subject-area Department Chair prior to registration to ensure that the class is acceptable.  Classes taken from other institutions may not be compatible with the St. Francis Catholic High School curriculum; students assume the risk and responsibility for these discrepancies.
  • The required courses for graduation in English, Theology, Social Studies and PE must be taken at St. Francis Catholic High School.  Students may take additional summer school courses at other institutions in these subject areas as electives. These courses will not appear on the St. Francis Catholic  High School transcript.
  • Community college and online courses are not accepted in lieu of graduation requirements or for prerequisites. These courses will not be included on the St. Francis transcript (the student will be responsible for reporting these courses to the colleges to which they apply).
  • Approved high school classes taken at WCEA/WASC accredited high schools other than St. Francis (excluding online courses) will be recorded on the student’s transcript, and included in the GPA calculations.  Honors points for GPA calculations will be given only if the same course is also offered at St. Francis.
  • High school level courses in Mathematics and Modern and Classical Languages taken prior to the summer before freshman year will be included on the transcript, but will not receive credit towards graduation and will not be included in the GPA calculations.  

Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent enrollment is designed to provide educational opportunities at the community college and state university levels, for students who can benefit from the experience. In order to participate,  a student must:

  •  Have parental and administrative approval.
  • Request courses which constitute an expansion of her high school courses, or courses not available at the high school.
  • Have a grade point average of 3.0 or better.
  • The offering of the course may not conflict with St. Francis High School hours, 8:00 am-3: 00 pm, M-F.

Student Daily Schedule Worksheet

The Guidance Department has implemented a tool to help students and parents determine the appropriate class load while preparing the upcoming school year’s course schedule. Each student is asked to complete the Student Daily Schedule Worksheet to assist her in evaluating her daily time commitments and requirements.