Academic Guidance


Academic Guidance

Counselors provide academic support, resources, and guidance necessary to graduate. They inform, advise, support and monitor each student’s academic progress through the following activities and services:

  • Orientation to St. Francis High School’s course offerings and graduation requirement;
  • Individual appointments with each student;
  • On-going monitoring of student’s fulfillment of graduation and college entrance requirements;
  • Facilitation of parent/teacher/student conferences as necessary;
  • Referral to tutoring;
  • Provision for study skills sessions;
  • Administration of national tests (PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP) and interpretation of results;
  • Training and advising through Naviance Family Connection.
  • For students with learning differences, the counselors partner with our Resource Specialist and Resource Coordinator, who will work with your student to provide the following services:
    • Referrals for diagnostic testing;
    • Provision for recommended interventions;
    • Coordination of student study teams;
    • Assisting parents with completion of IEP or 504 with public school districts;
    • Assisting communication with teachers as necessary.
    • Assist in applying for accommodations through the College Board and ACT
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Student Daily Schedule Worksheet

The Guidance Department has implemented a tool to help students and parents determine the appropriate class load while preparing the upcoming school year’s course schedule. Each student is asked to complete the Student Daily Schedule Worksheet to assist her in evaluating her daily time commitments and requirements.