SFHS Preparation for COVID-19

Update on Transition to Distance Learning 

 March 16, 2020

Dear St. Francis Families,

I am sure you have many questions after hearing that school would be closed for the next two weeks. Below is a list of some of the questions and the answers that you may have considered over the weekend. On a personal note, I cannot express how much I appreciate the patience and support you have shown us throughout this COVID-19 situation. I can assure you that every person who works at St. Francis Catholic High School has your child’s best interests at heart, and they will be working hard over the next two weeks to ensure a continuity of learning and a smooth return to school whenever that date is identified by public health officials, as well as federal/state/local authorities.

I’m also attaching a memorandum from our Superintendent and Executive Director of Schools, which outlines the transition from brick and mortar instruction to an online format.

How will distance learning work?