Tooka Zokaie ‘12
Manager of Disease Prevention, American Dental Association


Tooka Zokaie is a Certified Public Health Professional and the Manager for Fluoridation and Preventive Health Activities at the American Dental Association. Her work includes educating and collaborating with community leaders on public health topics including community water fluoridation, tobacco cessation, school-based oral health, interprofessional collaboration, and nutrition. Her work integrates the importance of oral health when addressing total health questions. Her advocacy extends to the larger idea of “Health in All Policies” in order to empower intersectional leaders to make decisions with the lens of population health. Ms. Zokaie is a liaison to the CDC’s Community Preventive Services Task Force, completed her Masters in Public Health at University of California, Davis School of Medicine, and is a current Masters in Population Health Management Candidate at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.