Message from the Principal – Today’s Reunification Drill

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Dear Families,

St. Francis Catholic High School conducted a basic reunification drill today for students and staff. In some emergency situations, the school will require parents to pick up students in a formalized, controlled release. The process of this release is called a reunification and may be necessary due to weather, power outage, hazmat or other emergency at school. Reunification is a process that protects the safety of the student and provides accountability in releasing a student to an authorized parent or guardian.

Today’s drill showed students where to go in an emergency and how to behave in an orderly and quiet manner during the reunification process. They were given specific information regarding text messages to send to their parents in a crisis situation. The students were also given an opportunity for a question and answer period. The questions were thoughtful, insightful, and relevant to the situation.   

We were extremely proud of the response of our students and staff. Additional parent reunification information will be in the Principal’s newsletter tomorrow.   

In the spirit of Pax et Bonum,

Theresa Rodgers