Principal’s Newsletter 10/21/16

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Dear Families,

Homecoming Week is upon us!  Next  week is an exciting one for our students as they prepare for their skits, class competitions, and the Homecoming Dance.  In the midst of this energy and the temptation to be swept away by competition, let us help our girls to be positive and gracious in all their activities.  Let us help our Troubies to focus on the fun, not rivalry, because Homecoming is a time to build school spirit.  In light of the dance, let us remind our daughters that they are beautiful creations of God who do not need to dress immodestly to show their beauty.  Let us encourage them to wear attire that is both festive and age appropriate for a high school dance and remind them about how a young man is supposed to treat them- with manners and respect.  We look forward to a wonderful week of spirited fun and school bonding!

St. Francis of Assisi, pray for us!