Special Message for the Class of 2016 Parents

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Dear Parents of the Class of 2016,

Today at lunch I gathered together our beautiful seniors to address a serious concern I have regarding parties. In the last month, administration has been dealing with students who have participated in activities that violate our Substance Abuse Policy, including hosting parties, providing and consuming drugs/alcohol, and attending parties where drugs/alcohol are present.  

Over the course of four years, our seniors have heard about the dangers of drugs/alcohol in Health and Biology classes, seen a live DUI court, participated in Every 15 Minutes, and heard ad nauseum from administration about making good choices in and out of school.They know the rules, our expectations and the consequences.Today, I reminded our seniors that we care not just about getting them to graduation but getting them to heaven and that every choice they make determines their future.  

As Catholic educators, we partner with parents to help mold their children into who God is calling them to be. With nine school days left until graduation and Senior Ball this weekend, I am asking that you talk to your daughters about good choices. I am asking you to question them when they go out: Who are they with? Where are they going? Who is supervising? Asking the questions might not make you the “good guy” but it just might keep your daughter out of a dangerous situation.

Father Arnold, our school chaplain, prayed over our seniors, and will be offering Mass for their safety. Let us together pray for their safety and for their well-being as they navigate the tricky waters of adolescence and senior year. ​St. Francis of Assisi, pray for us!

In the spirit of Pax et Bonum,

Theresa Rodgers