Message From Dean – Parking/ Drop-Off Reminders

Email blast

Dear Parent,

Everyone did wonderful job navigating the drop-off and pick-up lines today! Tomorrow will be the real deal, as all of our students will be returning. As a reminder, please do not use the student parking lot gate to enter the drop-off/pick-up lanes.  The student gate is meant strictly for students parking in our parking lot. 

For drop-off tomorrow morning, use the main entryway and drop-off near the gymnasium. Do not drop-off your student in front of the school office, and please encourage the students to be careful as they exit the vehicle.  In the afternoon, use the Frontage driveway into the cell phone lot, and wait patiently until dismissal at 3:00pm. Our parking attendants (who are parent volunteers), will direct you through the pick-up lanes and expedite the process.

In addition, there is absolutely no dropping off or picking up of students in the neighborhoods surrounding St. Francis.  We have a contractual agreement with the city and neighbors to not use these streets.  

Thank you for your assistance.

Cynthia Cost
Dean of Students