Principal’s Newsletter 12/07/18

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Dear St. Francis Families,

With only one more week until finals begin, it’s only natural for our Troubies to be nervous and perhaps a little anxious about the upcoming exams. Please encourage your student to plan ahead, study in a quiet dedicated place, avoid digital device distractions, eat and hydrate appropriately, and most importantly, get adequate rest. Remind her that memorizing or cramming all of the material at once usually doesn’t bring about the best results – or learning. Finding balance is key, and students should reward learning with purposeful breaks to recharge.

Also with finals looming, there may be an uptick in students feeling the need to resort to unwise study methods that do not meet our Academic Honesty standards.  My recommendation is that students use the resources available to them (i.e. teachers, tutors, parents, study guides, peer study sessions, etc.). This is the perfect time to strategize a study plan prior to final exams.

We care about the physical and mental well-being of our students, and we want them to be successful!

St. Francis of Assisi pray for us!

Pax et Bonum (peace and goodness),

Elias Mendoza