Principal’s Newsletter 5/10/19

Email blast

Dear St. Francis Families,

As we prepare for Junior Prom, Senior Ball and graduation parties, I would like to ask that you have a frank conversation with your daughters about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.  It is also important to discuss the negative impact on their health and safety if they are juuling/vaping.  Unfortunately, in my experience, many parents are often unaware of the choices their daughters are making with regards to these substances. At this time of year, we are asking for your assistance in reminding your daughters about saying “No” to these substances. This is not only for their safety today, but to protect them from repercussions that may affect their future if any inappropriate social media postings were to surface.

Let us pray that with all of us working together as a team in support of our Troubies all our children will be safe during this prom, ball, and graduation season.

 St. Francis of Assisi, pray for us! 

Pax et Bonum (peace and goodness),

Elias Mendoza