Principal’s Newsletter 9/21/18

Email blast

Dear St. Francis Families,

I wanted to bring to your attention the popular use of ride-sharing services (like UBER and LYFT) by some of our students. While I realize that many households utilize services like these to get students to school, home, and other locations, it does pose a general safety concern.

You may or may not be aware, but these ride-sharing services explicitly indicate in their terms of use agreement that “service is not available for use by persons under the age of 18.” While ride-sharing services have been noticed dropping-off and picking-up students from our school, please know that we do not encourage or endorse these types of services.

As a school, we want to keep our students safe and discourage the use of UBER or LYFT, especially since they are traveling alone in a stranger’s car. Please engage your daughter(s) in conversation and discuss how to be vigilant and safe.  We understand this ride-sharing phenomenon is not going away, but we do have to think about the safety of our Troubies.

Also, don’t forget that school officially closes at 4:30 p.m., and students must be in extracurricular events in order to be on campus after that time.  While we have extracurricular activities taking place after school, there is no adult supervision for those students waiting for a ride.  Ideally, we would prefer if students could get picked-up immediately after dismissal, but we realize this is sometimes not possible with working parents. 

Thank you for being proactive in helping us keep our young women safe on and off campus.

St. Francis of Assisi pray for us!

Pax et Bonum (peace and goodness),

Elias Mendoza