Sophomores Returning to Campus Tomorrow (10/26/20)

Email blast

Good afternoon Sophomore Parents,

As we prepare to welcome our Sophomore’s back to campus tomorrow, Monday, October 26th, I understand we’re all a little nervous and excited at the same time. This is a moment we’ve been looking forward to since March 13, 2020.  Let me go over a few important reminders to help ease everyone’s concerns.

Parents, as much as you’d like to get out of the vehicle at drop-off tomorrow morning to take the first-day-of-school pictures, I’m asking that you take it elsewhere so the drop-off line keeps moving and allows students to socially distance and move forward.  

Additional things to keep in mind:

  • If you were not screened for COVID on Friday, October 23rd, you will not be able to come to campus on Monday, it takes 48 hours for the test results to be processed.
  • The student’s Immunify app must be Green in order for them to be on campus (continue to read the next comments).
  • Everyone is still red right now because the tests have not come back yet (we are expecting late afternoon or early evening results).
  • If you are still Red tomorrow at 6:00 a.m., please stay home.  It can mean that your response/s to the self-screening questions have identified you with possible COVID symptoms OR there was an anomaly with your COVID test, and it may not be safe for you to return to campus tomorrow until it gets resolved.
  • If you are Yellow, did you fill out the self-screening questions correctly?  Did you actually remember to respond to the questions honestly and correctly? If you are yellow and feel sick in any manner, then please stay home.  If you are yellow but have no symptoms, you may come to campus, but we ask that you stay in a separate line until an administrator can follow up with you.

Additional Information: is for appointments. The high school does not have access to the list of registered appointments or available appointment time so if you didn’t get a text message confirming your appointment, then you need to try your registration again. 

This link ( is for Status/ Results. Once you have tested, this is the site where you will see the status of the test and ultimately your results. When you first register on this site you will need to verify your identity with several questions. This may trigger an alert if you have Norton or bank account protection software. You will also need to retrieve a code from your chosen email address during the verification process. Results will take 24-48 hours to post, but you should see your pending status. 

Immunify App Please refer to Principal Mendoza’s email regarding the how-to instructions. The school code is SFHS2020. This is the App you will log into DAILY for your symptom check and verify your status to be on campus. From the home page, press the Share option, and your symptom questions will pop up. After your questions are answered, you should see your QR code with your status.

ALL sophomores will enter via the gym entrance doors and will show their green Immunify app QR code in order to enter the school.  All other entrances to the student lot, M Street, and cell phone lot will be closed for this week.  Sophomores who drive may park in the front lot, or the gym lot for Monday.

All masks, social distancing, and handwashing protocols are in place and will be strictly enforced.  Students not following these rules will be sent home. Students will still be in distance learning mode with their teachers who will not be back on campus until 11/2/20.  Please bring your charged Chromebook and earbuds to participate.  

Anyone who is planning to stay in the DL for the semester must have a parent notify Dean Cost.  Any student may return from DL when they clear a Cohort COVID screening and give Dean Cost 48 hours notice.  All students who are coming after the first block of the day must check-in via the Front Office and show their green Immunify app QR code to come onto campus.

Any student who does not have the last blocks of the day, and is planning on leaving after their last class, must have an Early Dismissal (ED) request from their parents on file.  The Early Dismissal form is on the website.  Students may not leave campus without an ED or parent permission and must sign out in the Front Office (same as regular school years).

We look forward to having a great day tomorrow.


Elias Mendoza