Curie Canuela ‘95
Senior Environmental Scientist Specialist, CalRecycle


After graduating from SFHS, I spent two years at Sacramento City College and received my AS in Science, Math & Engineering. I then transferred to UCDavis. While attending classes at UCDavis I worked as a technician at AT&T. I graduated with a BS Degree in Environmental Biology & Management. I stayed with AT&T for several years but the world of environmental issues was calling to me. I gravitated towards CalRecycle’s vision “to inspire and challenge Californians to achieve the highest waste reduction, recycling, reuse goals in the nation through innovation and creativity, sound advancements in science and technology, and efficient programs that improve economic vitality and environmental sustainability.” Being a part of this organization in the Local Assistance and Market Development branch, I help meet California’s goals by providing technical assistance to various stakeholders: cities, counties, state agencies, schools and businesses.

As a senior environmental scientist specialist, I teach stakeholders compliance with recycling laws through source reduction, awareness of reuse, recycling, procurement and best management practices in the sectors of residential, commercial businesses, government programs, and green building. I help businesses and manufacturers, who take materials destined for the landfill, create upcycled products to either expand their operations or establish themselves in the State of California. I have this great front-row seat opportunity through my job to see a full closed-loop process of materials destined for the trash to being recycled, reused or created into new products by California-based businesses. It is an exciting and great place to be.