Parent Retreats


Throughout the year St. Francis offers various retreats and activities for parents to get involved. In addition to the annual Mother-Daughter Retreat, and Father-Daughter Spirit Day. We hope our parents will take advantage of our retreats to bond with their daughters as well as other parents.

Father Daughter Spirit Day

This annual tradition is a great way for Fathers and Daughters to spend a fun time together and even enjoy a little friendly competition.

Join us in the Spring. Registration opens on January 24.

Mother Daughter Retreat

An annual tradition at St. Francis is our Mother/Daughter Retreat.  This event invites all students, mothers, grandmothers to join us in a day and night retreat of reflection, prayer and renewal.  During your time with us the Retreat Team will engage the group in conversation around a specific themes and topics.  The hope is we will help each mother/daughter/grandmother pair be able to talk and open up to each other on a level that is more than just parent/child, but to build up the relationship to a new level.

Each year this retreat is a great mix of students from all grade levels.  Bringing a different dynamic to the retreat that is much different than class retreats.  Being able to talk, ask questions and pray together with women of all ages allows for a new perspective and understanding of faith. 

Located at the Applegate Retreat Center. 

Located at the Applegate Retreat Center. March 10-11, 2022

Registration opens in December, date TBA.