Arts Department News


Artwork from Classes

Thank you, underclassmen, for picking up all of your paintings, drawings, and sculptures from the art rooms. Seniors may pick up artwork when they come for their graduation. All senior artwork will be in the cafeteria. Remember to pick it up!

Cancelled Shows/Donated Tickets

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! 

Due to having to cancel the musical, The Music Man, the Dance Showcase, and the Spring Music Concert, many people donated their purchased tickets back to the Arts Department. Together the donations came to $3,945, which helps pay for costumes, costumer, director, vocal director, choreographer, scripts, music, licensing, set build materials, props, and more. (The list is in no particular order.) 

We want to thank the following people for their thoughtful donations and support of the performing arts: Susan Laird, Kelly Villere, Irene Colgan, Terri Clark, Carol Navarro, Steve Tholcke, Jill Young, Caroline Holloran, Darrine Distefano, Nicole Baer, Emily Kropp, Aeisha Mastagni, Shannon Ross, Blithe Raines, Heather Gordon, Stacey Stark, Jeff Southard, Lauren Kondo, Maureen Smith, Sarah Hamilton, Piers Roberts, Danielle Abildgaard, Michelle Oliver, Aimee Yocum, Sunny Rivera, Marcy Nicoll, Michele Godlove, Brian Briggs, Stacy Smith, Mary Castellano, Nora Anderson, Judith Walker, Theresa Rodgers, Christina Evey, Kristen Billeci, Dana Bueno, Colleen Morrison, Angie Allison, Scott German, Lynn Koll, Monica Crumley, Ann Zacharias, Susan Stiehr, Debbie Soto, Debbie Austin, Marcie Roberts, Verleen Boyer, Pam Marcinek, James Vogel, Dennis Ellingson, Nicki Taylor, Deborah Boyd, Chantel Incaudo, Lynn McCormack, Linda Frazier, Susan Myers, Cindy Sandoval, Griff Field, Carin Wisner, Brenda Pennino, Lisa Flanders ‘72, Bob Cook, Janis Hurter, Purisima Mariazeta, Valerie Dichiara, Tracy Hodges, Kelly Clark, Marie Catherine Favero-Cramer, Erika Jones, Kim Gluvers, Sophie Valdez, Rebecca Badeaux, Susan Campbell, and Aida Phelan.

The Visual and Performing Arts faculty and staff wish you a healthy, fun, and creative summer.