Chromebook Insurance Available – 1 Year “Zero Deductible”


This year we will be working with Securranty to offer insurance for your Daughter’s Chromebook. 

Please go to to sign up for your policy by October 1. You can choose between a basic policy for $23.95 or an extended warranty policy for $34.95. Parents and students will be responsible for filing claims and shipping, but as always, we will issue a loaner once the claim has been filed. We recommend extended warranty insurance for all junior and senior Acer Chromebooks, Basic for the freshman and sophomores CTL Chromebooks. 

Parents are responsible for the repair or replacement cost of any Chromebook damaged or defaced by students.  

Information about coverage:

  • TERM: 1-YEAR 
  • Claims: unlimited

Extended Warranty:  Covers internal mechanical and electrical failure malfunction such as hard drive failure, Wi-Fi, camera, device not powering on, battery not charging and more. Typically the first year is covered by the manufacturer. 

Accidental Damage from Handling:  Accidental Damage coverage when offered and purchased, Covers accidental drops, cracks, liquid spills and full immersion from handling and use of a device. 

Lost (Mysterious Disappearance):  Lost item coverage when offered and purchased, provides coverage when item is lost or its whereabouts is unknown, and the user is unable to locate. Lost coverage is typically only offered for phones and tablets. An affidavit and police report is required for this type of claim.  

Theft:  Theft of item coverage, when offered and purchased, provides coverage when item is stolen. A police report is required to validate an actual theft occurred. For example, Theft coverage does not cover “Lost’ device or device left in a cab or forgotten somewhere. It also does not cover device stolen out of an unlocked vehicle or left unsecured. 

  • To view flyer, click HERE.
  • To purchase coverage, click HERE.