College-Related Tips for Senior Parents


It’s time for seniors to make a decision about the college they will attend in the fall.  If you are concerned about paying for college, ensure that your daughter has checked all of her financial aid award letters (which will most likely be found in her college portal) to determine exactly how much and what types of aid are being offered.  Speaking of portals, your daughter should check all of her college portals to determine if they have every document that is required.  Some colleges (CSU’s) might have requested/required a 7th semester transcript to be submitted, and they may have noted that information in the college portal.  Most portals have a “to-do” list or a checklist that students can view.

If your daughter is on a college’s waitlist, she needs to follow through with evaluating all of her viable options, and she needs to say “yes” to an alternate college that she would love to attend in the fall.  The likelihood of being accepted off of the waitlist is slim. It’s fine to hold onto some hope, but it is equally important to move forward with accepting admission at another college.

Once your daughter chooses one college, and submits her deposit (which are typically due May 1 or May 3), please encourage her to say “no” to the other colleges where she was admitted.  Often this is a simple button to click in her college portal. Declining the offer of admission will help tremendously as colleges are trying to quickly determine how many students have accepted their offer of admission, and whether or not they will be able to admit students from their waitlist.  

We will be communicating with your daughters about how they will request their final transcript to be sent to their college of choice.  Please remind her to check her email often.

We continue to be here to support your daughter and your family through this process.  Please feel free to reach out to us at: