End of Year Cafeteria Balances


At the end of the school year:

If you are a returning student, your mySchoolBucks® account balance carries over to the next school year.

If you are a graduating senior, and your mySchoolBucks® account is negative, you must settle your account before receiving your diploma.

Graduating seniors with a younger sibling at St. Francis who have a positive balance in their mySchoolBucks® account will have the balance transferred to their sibling’s account.

Graduating seniors with a positive balance in their mySchoolBucks® account can choose to donate the outstanding balance to the St. Francis Fund for tuition assistance for future Troubies. Alternatively, if the balance is more than $10.00 you can request a refund check from the school. 

Please contact mySchoolBucks® about deactivating your automatic replenishment, if applicable.