Get to Know: Softball’s #15 Makayla Scott


Makayla Scott has been a four-year player for the Troubadours. She had a career-high 13 hits last season including her first home run. Fun fact about Makayla is she can touch her tongue to her nose.

How is your senior season going and what are your goals for the season?
“My goals are to keep sticking with it and encouraging and leading the younger players so they can fill the shoes when they are seniors.”

What have you enjoyed most about being part of the softball program?
“My favorite part is Coach Kevin. I have played for him since I was 12. (It has been great) to play for him these last four years and I am hoping I can contribute as much as I can for this program.”

What do you see as the team goals for the season?
“The team goal is to win and get better. We can be as good as the team was a few years ago. We want to work hard like the other teams do here at St. Francis.”

What are your goals for college?
“Right now it is between Pepperdine and Chapman. I want to study communications.”

What is your favorite saying from Coach Kevin?
“You look like a deer in headlights”. Then he explains what it means.”

What is the team outlook getting into the Delta League schedule?
“We are trying to work on getting better and do the best that we can in the Delta League.”

What has been your favorite memory on the field?
“My favorite memory is always just going up to bat and doing the most I can, bringing in the runners. I always want to do the best I can on this field because I owe it to these girls. It is about my teammates. Without them I do not think I would be out here. They have pushed me and the coaches are great.”

How was your spring break?
“My spring break was super great. I relaxed most of the time. I went to Dillon beach last Wednesday and that was fun.”

What are you looking forward to about the Fresno Tournament this weekend?
“I think I am looking forward to coming together as a team and seeing what we are capable of in this tournament.”