Get to Know: Water Polo’s #2 Malia Arnott


Malia is in her third season on the St. Francis varsity team and fourth overall in the program. She picked up the sport as a freshman. She was part of the St. Francis Chicago Service Trip this past summer. She is undecided on college at this point trying to find the right fit. She is also a member of the St. Francis swimming team.

How is your senior season going?
“It is going really well. We have a young team but we are really working together. We are a close team out of the pool. We are looking to apply that in the pool.”

What has been your favorite aspect of being a member of the St. Francis water polo program?
“My favorite part is the community and friendships that develop. I did not a lot of people coming into St. Francis and I have made so many friends and connections thru water polo.”

What is a fun fact about Malia?
“I have been swimming since I was three years old and I like to ride dirt bikes. I also hunt duck.”

What is your takeaway from the Chicago Service Trip this summer?
“I really liked it. With the work we were doing I felt like we made a big difference in the community. I seriously do not know how the nuns would have been able to move all stuff without the girls we had there. (The Troubies moved and loaded to the second floor more than 40 armoires) They did not except us girls to be able to move the furniture. Once we stepped in it was cool to see everyone work together.”

What are your goals for this Water Polo season?
“It is always out goal to beat Davis.”

What are you working on this week for the Capital Challenge?
“We are working on our team defense and applying what we learned in practice. We have learned a new play heading into Rio and the game this week.”

Rio Americano is always fun rivalry and challenging opponent. What do you expect tonight?
“It is going to be a really hard game. A lot of us play club with a lot of the girls and the coaches are really good friend. It is always a good competition. We have to adapt to the new CIF rules and adapt to their defense.”

If you could live in a book, TV show or movie, where would you live: The Longest Ride.
What are your superstitions: Listen to Country music – Jason Aldean.
What is your greatest achievement: Making the varsity team sophomore year. It was a big one for me.
If you could have one superpower: To Fly. 
If you could time travel, would you go to the past or the future: Future.
What is the concert you want to see: Jason Aldean.
What teacher has inspired you the most: Mrs. Schuber.
What is your favorite holiday: Christmas.
If you won the lottery, what would you buy: New house or a boat.
What’s your favorite dinner: Sushi.
Hero: Rob Feichert.
Name the celebrity you would like to meet: Luke Bryan.
What is on your Bucket List:  Travel the World.