Ghana Trip 2019


A select group of students from St. Francis Catholic High School are invited to attend the 60th Anniversary Celebration of our sister school, St. Francis of Assisi Senior Girls School in Ghana, Africa, in November of this year. The students will pay their own way. In addition, they will represent the school at this event. The trip will cost each student about $3,200 (+/-). The trip will depart on or about November 10 and return on or about November 20. The application process includes the application, approval from the Office of the Dean, the Guidance Department, and an interview with the Campus Ministry team. Applicants should have a solid 3.0 GPA and be able to miss these school days without endangering their GPA. Interested students should check with their teachers and coaches to make sure they can miss these days. Apply HEREApplication due April 15th by 11:59 pm.