Important Information and Forms to Complete

News Cynthia Cost

The start of a new school year means a review of policies and procedures as well as the acknowledgment or completion of important forms. Please review the following from the Dean’s Office:

  • Emergency Information: All students must have emergency information on file. This is done through Final Forms.
  • Parent-Student Handbook 2023-24: All parents need to review and acknowledge the Parent & Student Handbook. During its review, please pay particular attention to the uniform/dress code.
  • Medication: If your student requires medication that she’s not allowed to carry with her, please fill out the medication/medical release form and return it to the front office.
    • Student’s may carry one dose (up to 4 pills) of aspirin, tylenol, and midol type products. All other medication, except EPI pens, inhalers, or diabetic meds should be stored in the main office and a medication/medical form signed by parents turned into the front office.  
  • Traffic flow for pick-up, drop-off and student drivers
  • Early Dismissal Pass Request: St. Francis is a closed campus during the school day. Only students with an early dismissal pass (or a phone call by a guardian to the attendance line) will be allowed to leave prior to the end of the school day.
  • Parking Permit Pass