Important Message from the Dean of Students Regarding the Return to Campus


Dear Parents, 

We wanted to take a few minutes of your time to go over important information before school begins. We ask that all parents remember that our students are SFHS Troubies even during the summer.  Our rules and expectations remain the same. Please monitor how your student is treating others, especially on social media. 

Returning to campus guidelines -  We are currently awaiting direction from the California Department of Public Health to determine the specific health guidelines we will be required to follow as we open campus in August.  As soon as we receive notification of requirements, we will notify all families.  While we are a private school, we must still follow state and county health protocols.  

Vaccination Cards - Per state and county guidelines we do not require a student to be COVID vaccinated. If they are vaccinated, we are asking that if you have not already done so, that you send a copy of their COVID vaccination card for our records to   

Computers on Campus - The only laptops that may be used on campus are the school-issued Chromebook. No other computer may be used.  Please take a moment to make sure your daughter’s Chromebook works, and that they have a working charger.  If there are problems, reach out to, so they can help.  SF Technology will become very busy the closer we get to school. Please DO NOT wait until the last minute.  Freshman and transfer students that do not have your Chromebooks yet, please don’t worry.  You have plenty of time to get them. This information is for the students who already have Chromebooks. 

General Parking Permits - Parking permits are needed for any student parking on campus during 2021-2022 school year.  We encourage applying as soon as possible so we can process parking permits to be given to the student on picture days. APPLY HERE. 

Senior Painted Parking - If your Senior daughter has not yet sent in her template drawing for review,  please have her do so ASAP (see attachment below). 

ID Cards/Early Dismissal -  On the day your student is scheduled for school pictures (Freshman on  8/9/2021) (Sophomore, Junior, Seniors on 8/10/2021), we will issue their Early Dismissal sticker (for those that qualified).  Their card will be given to them right after their picture is taken. FALL only early dismissal passes can be signed up for HERE

Emergency Forms - All emergency forms need to be completed prior to the first time your student comes to campus.  It is important to include your student’s phone number as requested, it is used to notify students in case of a lockdown or other emergency events that may occur on campus.  Students without completed emergency forms will not be allowed on campus.

Student/Parent Handbook Update - The 2021-2022 Student – Parent handbook will be sent to all families by 7/31/21.  Parents must sign the agreement no later than 8/9/21 that parents and their daughter/s will abide by the designated rules for the 2021-2022 school year.    

Uniforms/Hair - All students must wear the red polo shirt for their school ID pictures (Seniors need to take ID card pictures).  Hair: Dyeing, bleaching, or tinting hair to an unnatural color, or having severely contrasting colors is not permitted. Extreme hairstyles are not permitted. (This includes partially or fully shaved heads).

Medication Forms - If your student is required to take prescription medication while on campus, please fill out the medication form, and have your daughter bring her medication to the main office. Students will have a designated locked site, and may access their medication there.  Students may not carry prescription medication with them (exceptions, EPI pens, Inhalers, Glucogon/Diabetes materials).  Students may only have one dose (up to 4 pills) of Aspirin, Tylenol or Midol type products with them -  MEDICATION FORM HERE.   We do not supply medications and no medications may be shared between students.

Parent Service - Please use this link to access information about Parent Service hours HERE.  

We are very excited to welcome everyone to campus and are looking forward to an exciting year.  If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Mrs. Cost
Dean of Students