Lost and Found Policy


Effective 11/7/18, we have changed our lost and found policy. We will no longer be sending out school-wide emails to students.   

  • Lunch boxes/bags without names will be thrown away after 48 hours due to health and safety concerns.
  • Books and uniforms without a name will be donated after 48 hours to the library or uniform closet.
  • All remaining items will be donated on a weekly basis to Goodwill or other appropriate sites.
  • Items with names will be brought to the office and returned by office interns to students.

In the future, students may post their lost item information on bulletin board in the Rec Room with the forms provided.  The forms will be posted for up to two weeks.  After two weeks, the forms will be given to the Dean.  It is vital to have your name on all your items to enable us to return any found item to the rightful owner.

Hopefully this will help students find their items quickly, take care of the health and safety concerns, and cut down on the daily emails to students.  

Thank you, Mrs. Cost