Mascot Move-A-Thon


Movement is essential for positive Mental Health. We encourage you  to “Keep It Moving” with the SFHS Guardian Angel’s Peer Team  Mascot Move-A-Thon Challenge the week of October 25-31, 2020.

HOW IT WORKS: Each day perform 30 minutes of movement of your choice. (Ex. Jump rope, yoga, dance, skate  board, bike ride, swim, etc.

LOG YOUR MASCOT MOVEMENT: Each day please log your name, movement of choice and add a picture for reference to the  google doc labeled Mascot Move-A-Thon that can be found under your mascot on Schoology.

WIN FOR YOUR MASCOT: The class (mascot) that logs the most mascot participants will win a day of free dress. Date of  free dress will be TBD.