Message from the Dean


Dear Parents,

Thank you for your understanding and support as we all work together in this time of transition.  We would like you to know that our program, times and structure has been developed with input from educators and mental health professionals. It has been advised that keeping students to their normal routines as much as possible will help keep them more emotionally and mentally safe in times of great stress.  With that in mind, we have created a “school day” that mimics the regular classroom day. However, there will be obvious differences, as your student will see, as we all walk the path of this new online format together.  

We have set up your student’s day in appearance as a regular Monday/Tuesday schedule, with 70-minute blocks.  Each class will start at its designated time, students will sign in on their PowerSchool Learning page, and participate in activities designated by their teachers.  The level of interaction will depend on each class. Some classes may only require sign-in with independent activities, others may include interactive responses with the teacher in the online classroom setting or classwide meetings via platforms such as Zoom. We believe the mix of the various styles and times will serve your students the best. Teachers have set up office hours and posted them on the PowerSchool Learning site.  There is also a designated office hour day on Friday, March 27th.

That being said, we also realize there are a lot of external factors that may cause interruption to the day.  We understand the impact of multiple students in the home, slower than normal internet, students who need special accommodations, families with personal issues and the various other situations that will arise.  The next few days will be challenging, some of what we have all worked hard on may not work. Believe me when I say the teachers understand and will be understanding. They have spent the last three days being a student in the new online educational realm, so they truly will have walked the path we will be asking your students to walk.  We simply ask that you give the processes a few days as we work together to make the best possible outcome.

What is the expectation of our students?  We expect them to be Troubadours and to do their best! We expect them to participate to the best of their abilities, to be honest in their work, and to understand that we as teachers and administrators will be here to help and support.  No one is expecting perfection – there may be bumps, there may be issues, however, we believe in our teachers and in our students. As we work together during this difficult time, we believe that in the end, your daughters will continue to learn, continue to thrive and to be as prepared as possible when school resumes.  

As the outside world is ever-changing, so will our timelines, teaching methods, and all of our abilities.  At this point we hope to be back in the classroom on March 30th, however, if we are required to extend our online learning program past that date we will be prepared.

Our teachers, department chairs, Assistant Principals, Guidance Counselors, Wellness Counselors, and Administrators are all ready to move forward with your students into this bold new online SFHS experience.  

With blessings, 

Cynthia Cost,
Dean of Students