Parent Service Hours Information and Requirements for 2021-2022 School Year


We are blessed to have many opportunities for parents to volunteer on campus! While family service hours are required, we know that many families contribute more than the basic requirement. Because of such dedication and support, St. Francis is able to provide our Troubies a holistic and enriching education grounded in our pillars of faith, excellence, leadership, and service. Thank you in advance for your service to our Troubies and the St. Francis community.

Minimum Hours

Each St. Francis family is obligated to fulfill a minimum of 25 hours of service each school year (the number is reduced to a minimum of 10 hours for parents of seniors). Single parents who are solely responsible for tuition have these hours cut in half. Parents with two or more students must meet the required service hours for the youngest daughter. Only parents, step-parents, and grandparents are permitted to earn service hours. Any other volunteer requests need to be approved by the Dean of Students, Cynthia Cost. Please contact or for requests or further questions. 

Active Service Hours

At least half of a family’s service hours must be completed by performing “active service.” Hours earned through active service correspond directly with the time spent performing the activity. 

What is active service?

Hands-on services that benefit the school, its students (for school-related activities), or that are in support of an activity or event sponsored by the school or one of the school auxiliary groups (e.g. Parents’ Guild, Booster Club, Patrons of the Arts, Grandparents’ Club, Dads’ Club, and Black Parent Group) are considered active service. Hours earned through active service correspond directly with the time spent on the activity.  

Time attending board meetings of the above-mentioned groups may be included in hours earned. (Grandparents may earn hours for their family.)

Many departments across campus including Admissions, Advancement, Academics, Arts, Athletics, Wellness, Guidance, Campus Ministry, etc. will post opportunities to gain active service hours. 

Campus clean up activities may receive double hours as indicated in MVP.

Medical personnel for dances and events may receive double hours. Parents providing these volunteer services must carry their own medical malpractice insurance or have “Moonlight” coverage from their employer as SFHS does not have insurance coverage for medical professionals. 

Half of the required hours per year must be earned through Active Service. (12.5 hours for freshman, sophomore and junior parents; 5 hours for senior parents)

Earning parent hours through donations.

Half of the total required hours can be obtained through donations of items needed for a specific event or purpose. A minimum donation value of $25 is needed to receive 1 hour of credit. 

Providing store-bought items (requested through the MVP site), that benefit school events (snack foods, cookies, desserts, wine, beverages, gift cards, etc.) can be counted towards the annual parent service hour obligation. A minimum donation value of $25 is needed to receive each hour of credit. Only designated items, delivered at requested times, will be counted towards service hour obligations. Due to allergy concerns, compliance with the specific requests for donated food items is necessary. Items not in compliance with requests will not count toward the service requirement and may be returned. Families must use the donation list provided for each specific event to receive parent service hour credits for their donation.

How to find parent service hour opportunities.

Service hour opportunities (both active service and donated items) occur throughout the entire year; these opportunities will be posted on the MVP system. Please check the website regularly for the most current updated information and opportunities.

Excess hours do not carry over to the next school year. 

Recording parent service hour participation and due dates.

Each volunteer must record their personal volunteer service hours using the MVP system, and the school reviews total hours per family throughout the year. Parent Service Hours for the 21-22 school year must be completed by April 8, 2022 for freshman, sophomore, and junior families. For senior families, parent volunteer hours must be completed by February 11, 2022. If Parent Service Hours haven’t been completed and submitted by the specified date, the student may be prohibited from taking their final exams or graduating. Completed Parent Service Hour reports are to be emailed to

Non-Participation Fee

Failure to serve all hours will result in a mandatory $1,000 fee due March 5, 2022 for senior families. For freshman, sophomore, and junior families, the student is prohibited from taking their final exam until the $1,000 payment is made through TADS on May 1, 2022. This amount cannot be prorated for partial hours completed; therefore, all 25 hours (or 10 hours for senior parents) must be performed or earned and reported by the reporting deadline to avoid paying the annual non-participation fee. The $1,000 non-participation fee is non-refundable. If a student leaves the school, the fee is not prorated or returned.

How to get started

As per the Diocese, we require all volunteers to complete a few steps before serving on campus. The only people permitted to perform service hours are parents, step-parents, and grandparents. All other family members must be approved by the Dean of Students, Cynthia Cost. Please contact or with any questions or requests.

Steps for active service on campus:

  1. Each individual volunteer needs to create a MyVolunteerPage (MVP) account which will allow you to view all the volunteer opportunities we have available and to log your hours.
    • Here is a link to the step by step process.
    • Here is the link to create your account.
    • You can find the App by typing in “Better Impact” into your app store search bar. It should be the first one. The icon will look like this. We will then verify your account on our end. 
    • Better Impact Logo
  2. You will need to have your fingerprints/LiveScan finished.
  3. We also require you to finish an online program known as Safe Haven. When you have completed the training, you can send in the digital copy of your certificate of completion so that we can update your account. Be aware, this certificate expires every 3 years. We will notify you when you are required to retake the training. 

*If you have already completed fingerprinting and/or the online program for the Diocese of Sacramento (not for the state, county or any other occupation), we can contact them to confirm your status. Please fill out this form and return it to the front office. When we hear back, we will inform you of your status with the Diocese, which will tell us if you need to retake your fingerprints and/or the training.*

Steps for chaperoning and/or driving: 

*In addition to the steps above*

  1. We need a photocopy of your driver’s license, which we can take care of in the front office. 
  2. We ask you to fill out a basic driver’s form. This form expires every school year.
  3. We will also need the Insurance declaration page for your vehicle (NOT the insurance card) before you transport any of the students. This can be turned into the front office in hard copy or digitally, whichever is easiest for you. 

Again, none of the Driver’s information is needed to volunteer on campus or to donate. It is only required if you are going to be chaperoning the students. 

For further general questions you have, you can refer to the website or email  

Thank you for your service and dedication to the St. Francis community!

Parent Service Hour Program 2021-2022