Resource Outreach: Top 10 Oral Presentation Tips for Students

  1. Speaking in public is a “Top Ten” fear. Knowing this, realize that the majority of your audience empathize with you. Instead of imagining them criticizing you, imagine them encouraging you.
  2. Prepare effectively. Identify main ideas as bullet points on flashcards. Write in your favorite color, in caps. List additional points in your second favorite color, in lower case. Any fear you may have is based on the feeling of being out of control. Take control of your presentation – it is not something being done to you, but rather is something being done by you.
  3. DO NOT write sentences. DO NOT memorize sentences. Why not? If you forget one word, you might forget the point of your presentation.
  4. Create an opening line that introduces your presentation to your audience. Make it simple. For example: Collegiate athletes deserve to be on payroll. Think of your opening line as your thesis statement.
  5. Practice presenting, not reading. Use Google recorder. Use the video option on your phone.
  6. When you are ready, present to family and/or friends. Do not use the words, “like” or “so”, nor the sound “um”.
  7. Days before the presentation, go to the exact spot you will be presenting. Practice aloud. Make sure all tech works. Keep your cards for reference, but try to present without them.
  8. The night before the presentation, visualize a successful event. Plan a treat to celebrate.
  9. The day of the presentation, remember that the content is what is important, not you. The purpose of a presentation is to relay information. You have an important message that will benefit your peers. Speak because they need to hear what you have to say.
  10. The day of the presentation, breathe deeply as you move into position. Scan left, center, and right for persons who you feel will be supportive. Talk to them throughout your presentation. Put your shoulders back. Go from your opening line to your first point. Refer to note cards as necessary.

YOU will succeed!

(If you are not succeeding, see me in Room 314 before or after school.)

Mrs. Biller
Resource Specialist