Resource Outreach: Top Ten Tips for a New School Year


Top Ten Tips for a SUCCESSFUL New School Year: 

  1. Have a Growth Mindset. You can train your brain to improve performance in behavior, academics, and athletics.  Growth Mindset Works.
  2. Get Your Act Together. Organize your room, work space, backpack, locker, uniform, and sports gear. Buy a binder, and insert plastic pocket dividers. Delete last year’s emails.
  3. Clean Up Your Act. Eat healthy foods. Sleep. Limit social media. Limit texting. Yes, easier said than done. 
    • If you are sweet and innocent, read no further. Advice for the remaining audience: take out your nose ring when on campus, do not sneak a text, do not look at the test next to you, or shop for a prom dress online while your teacher thinks you are writing an essay.
  4. Improve Your Act. Download the SF calendar with Daily Schedule SF Calendar . Download organization apps, including: Momentum: Goal Tracker, and Time Management: Pomodoro. Use academic supports, including: SF Quizlet Library and Grammarly: Grammar and Spell Check.
  5. Have Realistic and Attainable Goals. SMARTY Goals. One goal at a time. One day at a time. One action at a time.  Just Do It!
  6. Have a Positive Student-Teacher Relationship.  Academic success is directly related to interactions between you and your teachers. Introduce yourself. Send an email the first week of school detailing your strengths, challenges, and why you feel the class is of value to you. Pay attention and make eye contact. Participate. Maintain respect. Ask for help – teachers on this campus WANT you to succeed.
  7. Have Positive Peer Relationships. Freshmen? Learn the names of each girl in your classes. Say hello before class starts. Sit by a person who is laughing at lunch, and introduce yourself. Sophomore to Senior? Evaluate who you spend time with and if this is a positive experience or not. If not, move on!
  8. Have a Positive Attitude. YOU will succeed. Celebrate every success by writing it down. Include Faith, Excellence, Leadership, and Service. Reflect on your successes when you doubt your capability. Access motivational videos and sites including: Ted Talks, Inspirational Memes, Inspirational Bible Verses.
  9. Have Balance. School is one factor in the quality of your life; so is spending time with family, friends, and like-minded individuals. Chart how much time you spend on schoolwork and if it is keeping you from other activities. If you feel you need support to lessen the hours you study, see me in Room 314 before or after school.
  10. Have Gratitude. Before you go to bed at night and before you get out of it in the morning, make a mental (or physical) gratitude list. Examples: 
    • I am a unique child of God, who loves ME unconditionally. 
    • I go to St. Francis, and it is GREAT to be an SF Troubador!

YOU will succeed! If you are not succeeding, see Mrs. Biller in Room 314.

Mrs. Biller
Resource Specialist/Academic Achievement Specialist