Resource Outreach: Top Ten Tips When You Do NOT Understand Course Material

  1. Go back to the course syllabus. Highlight Student Learning Objectives. Determine which objectives you understand and which you do not.
  2. Organize your handouts. Highlight the title and write the learning objective above it. Restudy.
  3. Go to your course homepage. Access all videos and online materials.
  4. Restudy.
  5. Go to SF Quizlet Library. Find a quizlet or create one.
  6. Study.
  7. Time to evaluate what you know and what you do not know. When you have a list of concepts that are challenging, schedule a meeting with your teacher for tutoring.
  8. Get tutoring from a CSF Tutor 3x weekly. CSF Tutoring List 2018, Fall
  9. Moving forward: focus on Daily Learning Objectives. Ask for clarification throughout the lesson related to these objectives.
  10. Create a study group. Teach concepts. Research indicates active studying increases retention.
  11. Create your own test to imitate the test you will take. Include as many images as possible.
  12. Focus on what you DO know.  At this point, with effort, you may have mastered 70% of the course material. Get support to master the remaining 30% before finals.

YOU will succeed!

If you are not succeeding, contact me at or stop by Room 314.

Mrs. Biller
Resource Specialist
Educational Achievement Specialist