Senior Parents – Opt Out of Cal Grant and Middle Class Scholarship Consideration


Every year, SFHS uploads information to the California Student Aid Commission, so that students can be considered for Cal Grants and UC/CSU’s Middle Class Scholarships (families with incomes up to $190,000 might be eligible). This information includes student name, address, and date of birth and will be matched with information on the student’s FAFSA to determine eligibility.  Please ensure that your daughter has at least one California college or university on her FAFSA at all times.  

We will upload the name, address, date of birth, and Cal Grant GPA (unweighted GPA of courses taken in 10th & 11th grades only) of every student in the Class of 2022 unless you would like to opt out.  

If you DO NOT want your daughter’s information uploaded to the California Student Aid Commission, email Debbie Austin at by Monday, October 11, 2021.