St. Francis High School Career Day 2020


Share Your Wisdom: Career Day & Mentoring

Without a doubt, St. Francis cultivates successful, impactful and capable alumnae – women who are changing their world. As guides to our current students, our dedicated faculty and staff work every day to provide our young women with a glimpse into the exciting and fulfilling futures that await them after graduation. But what if there were a way for them to hear those stories of success and opportunity directly, from the people who live them every day? That’s where you come in. 

We would like to invite you to participate in the 2020 St. Francis Career Day. This experience allows our alumnae to share their professional experiences with our current students. It’s an excellent opportunity to share your talents, spend time on campus and have lunch in the new dining hall (new to those of you who graduated before 2014)! 

Be part of the working group to plan this day! We want to create an impactful day for current students and alumnae.  Help us envision what that looks like, and explore opportunities to take it to the next level with a mentorship program. We need 8-12 alumnae who can be part of this working group; contact MaryAnne Kelly 1(916) 737-5033 or send an email to 


This post first appeared in the Alumnae e-Newsletter on January 16th. If you didn’t receive it then we don’t have your current email on file. Please update your contact information here