St. Francis Key Club – Project Eliminate


St. Francis Key Club is supporting Project Eliminate! Project Eliminate is a global fundraiser aimed to put an end to maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT), a life-threatening bacterial infection often found in newborns and their mothers. Luckily, this disease is vaccine-preventable, meaning there is a cure! UNICEF has paired with Kiwanis International in order to put an end to this disease that takes the lives of 34,000 newborns and mothers around the globe annually. For only $1.80, a vaccination shot can be provided to both a mother and her child, preventing this disease from become widespread. On behalf of St. Francis’ Key Club, we are accepting donations during the collection at the school wide Our Lady of Guadalupe Mass, on Wednesday, December 12th! Every donation will make a difference in putting an end to MNT!