Top Ten Tips: Finally – A Study Guide For Taking Finals!
Resource Outreach: Mrs. Biller, Resource Specialist


How to Study for Finals

  1. Analyze your knowledge of the subject matter using syllabi. Annotate learning objectives using (1) “I Know This!”,  (2) “I Need to Review This!”, or (3) “I Need to Learn This!”.
  2. Get tutoring for all “I Need to Learn This!” concepts.
  3. Create folders in the Google Drive for each subject. Move PowerPoints into folders for easy review.
  4. Create folders of Quizlets for each subject.
  5. Analyze study guides. Prepare for rote memorization with Quizlets, writing to prompts with graphic organizers, formulas, and diagrams with models.
  6. Use dual streaming for memorization: pair visual with auditory.
  7. Lead a study group. Assign each member a critical concept to teach.
  8. Control physical factors: eat nutritious food, limit caffeine and sugar, hydrate, and do not sacrifice sleep for study, .
  9. Create a finals study schedule. Study easy subjects before challenging. Do not use social media prior to or during study.
  10. Apply test taking strategies - Test Taking Tips.

YOU will succeed! If you feel you need support to succeed, see Mrs. Biller in Room 314.