Top Ten Tips to Overcome Procrastination from Resource Outreach

  1. Know that procrastination is another word for perfectionism. Only Jesus Christ is perfect. You are not perfect, and your work will not be perfect. Your goal is work completion.
  2. Time management is critical. List the tasks you need to complete by end of day and give each a realistic time limit. Look for open times in your day’s schedule, and insert tasks.
  3. Value progress toward work completion. Example: You completed one of four tasks. You are 25% done with your day’s work!
  4. Complete the easiest tasks first.  It feels good to see the % of completed work getting closer to 100.
  5. Know when to ask for help. If you do not understand material, it is more productive to email a teacher and ask for tutoring, than to get frustrated and waste time.
  6. Work in a productive pattern. Suggested: 45 minutes on task/15 minutes off task.
  7. Work toward “productive” breaks. Consider taking a power nap – as few as 15 minutes of napping increases memory retention and renews focus.
  8. Work toward a reward. What will you do when your work is complete?
  9. Change your self-talk.  From: “I am so stressed out because I have too much work, and I don’t know where to begin!” To: “I feel in control because I have a starting point for my work and a plan to get all my work completed.”
  10. “There are a thousand excuses for failure but never a good reason.”-Mark Twain – Be reasonable. You are capable, and your work is manageable.

YOU will succeed!

If you are not succeeding, contact me at or stop by Room 314.

Mrs. Biller
Resource Specialist
Educational Achievement Specialist