Travel Advisory


As the result of the evolving COVID Pandemic, the California Department of Public Health has implemented a Travel Advisory to supersede the previous order for all residents of California. In order to protect the school and students from the potential of exposure, the following protocol has been implemented:

Students who then engage in travel more than 120 miles from one’s place of residence, or to other states or countries, will be required to self-quarantine away from school for two weeks. The student may return to school earlier than the two-week quarantine period if the following has been fulfilled: 

  • The student has taken a COVID test 4-5 days after returning; 
  • The student  has written proof of a negative COVID test; 
  • The student has completed a 7 day quarantine in California; and 
  • The student is free of any COVID symptoms  

Click HERE for the “Revised COVID Testing Days/Times and Reminder of CDPH Travel Advisory” on our website.