Virtual Sophomore Retreat - February 23-24


Sophomore families - we are so excited to be offering a virtual Sophomore Retreat to our Maries. The retreat, Finding Strength In God, will take place in two sessions over two days via Zoom. Students will be assigned to small groups, led by senior leaders. During the retreat students will participate in both small and large group activities. We would love for your daughter to attend, so she can have this experience! 

For your daughter to fully enjoy this retreat, we have a few requests of you: 

  • If your family struggles with an internet connection, please reach out to the St. Francis Technology Department. 
  • Please give your daughter a private space where she will be able to share and listen fully and privately. 
  • Although she will be home, please give her the time and space to participate in the retreat without interruption from family activities (the same way she would be able to if she were at the retreat center). 

You can sign up now through CampBrain (HERE). If you have made an account for Freshman Retreat or Summer School, please use the same account.  There is a nominal fee through the CampBrain of $25 for the retreat to cover materials and shipping costs for the retreat supplies and tee-shirt.

If you do not see the retreats pop up while registering your daughter(s), double check that her grade has been updated to10th grade. This has been a common issue.

Space limited! Register soon!

If you have any questions, please contact Sahmed Poarch at or at (916) 737-5027.