Weekly Wellness: Kevin Hines Resources
By: Chyrissee Lee & Kym Weinandy, SFHS Wellness Counselors - 2/08/19


Kevin Hines, Lifetime Achievement Award-Winning, speaker, author and mental health advocate spoke on Monday, February 4, at Jesuit High School.  Thank you to our St. Francis families who were able to attend.  As promised, Kevin has shared with us his own everyday practices in “The Art of Wellness” and has graciously provided his “Resources for Parents” booklet.  We are thankful for Kevin’s time in supporting our campus communities and providing us with up-to-date mental health resources.

Please remember that there is always support available on campus for students, families, and staff.  If you have questions or concerns about how to communicate with your daughter about mental health, please do not hesitate to contact our Wellness Office at (916) 737-5094 or wellness@stfrancishs.org.