Weekly Wellness: Safety Assembly
By: Chyrissee Lee & Kym Weinandy, SFHS Wellness Counselors


On Wednesday, October 17, 2018, Dean, Cynthia Cost, in conjunction with the Wellness Counselors will host a Safety Assembly for the students.  In the assembly, we will be viewing, discussing, and practicing “RUN – HIDE – FIGHT – Surviving an Active Assailant” protocols.  In addition, Wellness Counselors will be discussing personal boundaries and grooming.  The students will be shown a video discussing the topic. This video is utilized in the Diocesan training of our teachers, staff, coaches, and volunteers.

Below are links to references for your review and discussion with your daughter.

Run Hide Fight – Quick Reference PDF

Grooming Behaviors – PDF

We believe these are very important and necessary topics of discussion.   However, we understand that it may be tough for some students.  If you daughter cannot participate, she must remain in the front office during the training.  Please contact the Dean of Students, Cynthia Cost, at CCost@stfrancishs.org if you wish to have her opt out of the training. Thank you.