Students may register here for retreats, each retreat has limited space so the earlier one signs up, the better chance they have of getting their first choice. Students attending retreats are encouraged to carefully select their retreat dates by taking into consideration their academic and extra-curricular schedules. There is a fee of $50 to change your retreat date once you have registered.

Student Retreats

 Retreat attendance is not considered an absence. Missed school work is modified or excused for students who are on retreat. A fee does apply for most retreats, although SFHS subsidizes the expense. Financial aid is available.

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  • Freshman Retreats

    Freshman Overnight
    The celebration begins with check-in at 4:45PM- for Freshman Family Mass and Overnight Retreat. This special Mass and retreat welcomes Freshmen and their families into the St. Francis Family.

    Parents will be dismissed after Mass and students will be served dinner and begin their overnight retreat that is full of community building and fun activities. This is where the Class of 2021 begins to form and come together with games, dancing, question and answer sessions, and bonding time. At this event, the Class of 2021 will choose their mascot and class colors. Students will remain on campus and with their class overnight until the retreat ends on Saturday morning at 9:00am.

    This retreat is considered a mandatory event and there is no fee for this event. Deadline to register is August 8th. Register here.

    Freshman Class Retreat (Body & Soul)
    Attention all FRESHMEN!  During the second semester, students attend this mandatory one day retreat with their theology class to reflect on the deeper meaning and implications of being created in the image of God.

     During this special time together as a class, we will learn a little bit of who we really are; but more importantly, who God created us to be.

    2018 Dates: February, 6, 7, 8 or 13.
    The retreat will be held at St. Anthony’s Parish Church,  located at 660 Florin Rd, Sacramento, CA 95831. 

    Parents are responsible for dropping off and picking up their daughter (drop-off  is at 7:40 AM and pick-up is at 2:30 PM). Lunch and a snack will be provided* but please remember to bring your own water bottle to use the whole day. *If you have dietary restrictions, you may bring your own lunch.  So mark your calendars, come with an open heart and we are excited to journey with you! 
  • Sophomore Retreat "Finding Strength in God"

    Students explore the way they are living their lives, what they value, and how they can create their ideal life.

    2017-2018 Dates
    Sophomore #1 August 31 - Sept 1
    Sophomore #2 October 5 - 6
    Sophomore #3 January 9-10
    Sophomore #4 March 8 -9

    Located at Jesuit Retreat Center of the Sierra in Applegate, the fee is $80 (financial assistance is available). Refunds cannot be made within two weeks of the retreat. Register Here

  • Junior Retreat "Celebrating the Gift"

    Students reflect upon their lives by exploring their personalities, their gifts and talents, and the many blessings they have received.

    2017-2018 Dates
    Junior #1 September 6 - 8
    Junior #2 October 11 -13
    Junior #3 January 10 -12
    Junior #4 February 14-16
    *K-70 April 24 -27

    Located at the Jesuit Retreat Center of the Sierra in Applegate, the fee is $130 (financial assistance is available). Students leave SF after school on the first day and return after school on the third day; two days of classes are missed at the most. Register Here

    *K-70 April 24 -27- Preference is given to Seniors registering for this retreat. Juniors will be notified later in the school year when registration is open to the Junior class.
  • Senior Retreat "Kairos - The Lord's Time"

    Students explore the roles of spirituality, religion and God in their lives. Kairos is an international retreat program based upon Ignatian Spirituality. 

    From thirty to fifty students attend each retreat, led by a team composed of six to eight Student Leaders teamed with Adult Leaders from the faculty and staff. Major talks – each team member presents one – are followed by discussion in small groups. There are other particular activities to promote community, to build a sense of reflection and to encourage trust and openness.

    Kairos lives out the Gospel command to love and care for each other. Students speak of their difficulties, joys and hopes in ways new and rewarding to them. Family and friends become important, along with a generous increase of self-esteem, understanding and forgiveness. Parent support is necessary.

    K-66 September 19-22
    K-67 November 14 - 17
    K-68 January 16-19
    K-69 March 20- 23
    *K-70 April 24 -27

    Located at the Jesuit Retreat Center in Los Altos, the fee is $155 (financial assistance is available). REGISTER HERE

    Students leave SF after school on the first day and return early evening on the fourth day; three days of classes are missed.

    *K-70 April 24 -27- Preference is given to Seniors registering for this retreat. Juniors will be notified later in the school year when registration is open to the Junior class.

Parent Retreats

Throughout the year St. Francis offers various retreats and activities for parents to get involved. In addition to the annual Mother-Daughter Retreat, and Father-Daughter Spirit Day, we have the newly added Parent Retreat for just Parents. We hope our parents will take advantage of our retreats to bond with their daughters as well as other parents.

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  • Father Daughter Spirit Day

    This annual tradition is a great way for Fathers and Daughters to spend a fun time together and even enjoy a little bit of competition.

    Join us for Father Daught Spirit Day 2017 on September 29, 2017
  • Mother Daughter Retreat

    An annual tradition at St. Francis is our Mother/Daughter Retreat.  This event invites all students, mothers, grandmothers to join us in a day and night retreat of reflection, prayer and renewal.  During your time with us the Retreat Team will engage the group in conversation around a specific themes and topics.  The hope is we will help each mother/daughter/grandmother pair be able to talk and open up to each other on a level that is more than just parent/child, but to build up the relationship to a new level.

    Each year this retreat is a great mix of students from all grade levels.  Bringing a different dynamic to the retreat that is much different than class retreats.  Being able to talk, ask questions and pray together with women of all ages allows for a new perspective and understanding of faith.  2018 Mother Daughter Retreat is February 22-23, 2018