"Thankful Thursday" Day of Giving

St. Francis High School holds a crowd-funding event where supporters are asked to show their gratitude with a gift made on Thankful Thursday (our Day of Giving). Our 6th annual Day of Giving will be held on October 12, 2017. The entire campus will be transformed and engaged on this day and our larger community will receive emails and videos sharing the excitement.

From students to parents, alumnae, grandparents, past parents and countless others, this one-day of giving engages more than 1,000 supporters and raises a significant amount. All proceeds support St. Francis scholarship needs and the "day of giving" is facilitated primarily through online donations. Funds received on this day are generally matched.

Without your generosity, nearly 30% of our Troubies would not be able to attend St. Francis. Please support our mission and give opportunities to those who seek the St. Francis experience.

Opportunities realized, every gift makes a difference!

For more information, contact: MaryAnne Kelly 


2016 Day of Giving Total: $81,678

Thanks to your many gifts, we surpassed our 2016 goal and raised $81,678.03 for scholarship needs.