Other Credit Courses



June 8-June 26 (First Session) 8am-1pm
Only first session is offered this summer. 

*Open to St. Francis students only
Distance Learning Course Summer 2020. 

Registration for both sessions of this course is initially open to rising 10th, 11th, and 12th graders only.  If there are available spaces, rising 9th graders will have the opportunity to register beginning February 20, 2019.

Health is a one-semester required course for graduation. The course focuses on helping students understand and develop healthy behaviors. The student will assess her current lifestyle choices and set personal goals aimed at improving her quality of life. Students learn to identify teenage health risks, and investigate women’s health issues and health-related careers. In addition, the student will research health risks created by poverty, domestic violence, child abuse, and war.  

Price: $420
Distance Learning Required
Book Required
Prerequisite: None
Level: 9-12
Credit: 5

Computer Programming with C – C-STEM

Not offered Summer 2020 

This course provides students with the fundamental knowledge of computer programming for solving applied problems in C. Students learn how a computer works and structured programming in C for software development. The topics include programming constructs, data types, and declaration of variables, expressions, and operators, selection statements, repetition, flowcharts for algorithm development, functions for modular programming and applications in math and science. The emphasis of the course is to introduce the students to software development concepts. Considerable attention is devoted to program design, task decomposition, testing, debugging, and software reuse. Through problem-based projects, students develop critical thinking, problem solving, computational thinking, effective communication, and teamwork skills. UC A-G approved – g College-Preparatory Elective. NCAA approved.

Price: $750
Book Required
Prerequisite: Completion of Integrated Math 1 or equivalent.
Level: 9-12
Credit: 10

Open to all.  Priority is given to current St. Francis students.