Tuition Policies


Changes To Payment Plan During The School Year

All changes to your payment information must be submitted to TADS (1.800.477.8237)

Damaged Equipment

Parents must pay the replacement cost of any equipment damaged or defaced by students.

Transfer Students

Tuition will be calculated and charged on a daily rate per quarter for students who transfer to St. Francis High School during the academic year. For example, a student transferring to St. Francis High School with ten days remaining in a third quarter will be charged ten days for the third quarter and all of the fourth quarter tuition.

Delinquent Accounts

Exam clearance cards, quarterly report cards, transcripts and/or diplomas will not be issued to students who have not met all financial obligations to the school. Semester clearance cards are necessary to take semester final examinations. A student will not receive credit for the semester’s work until such examinations are taken. Students with unpaid accounts may be denied re-entry to the school. Parents are requested to inform the Finance Department if unforeseen circumstances or hardships affect the payment of tuition.

Tuition Refunds

Parents/guardians who voluntarily withdraw their daughter from St. Francis High School agree to pay for the entire academic quarter in which they last attended.

Parents/guardians whose daughter involuntarily withdraws from St. Francis High School agree to pay tuition through the last date of attendance. For example, if a student’s last day of attendance is five days from the end of the third quarter, the student’s family will be expected to pay for three-quarters of the annual tuition less five days of tuition.