Antelope HS Speech Tournament Feb. 2017


Speech Tournament

Antelope HS

Feb 4, 2017


Congratulations to the members of the Speech Team who competed on February 4 at Antelope HS, including:

Isabelle Bauman ‘17- Original Oratory 2nd

Nicole Young ‘18- Thematic Interpretation 3rd

Lauren Kim ‘20- Thematic Interpretation 5th, Oratorical Interpretation 7th

Alex Retodo ‘17- Impromptu 1st, International Extemporaneous 2nd

Olivia Fu ‘18- Impromptu 3rd, International Extemporaneous 1st

Julia Cannon ‘18- Oratorical Interpretation 4th

Natalie Hopkins ‘20- (novice) Impromptu 3rd,  (novice) Oratorical Interpretation 5th

Fiona Ross ‘19- (novice) Impromptu 7th

Patricia Sweeney ‘19- (novice) Impromptu 2nd, (novice) Oratorical Interpretation 1st

Moira McMahon ‘18- (novice) Impromptu 1st,  (novice) Oratorical Interpretation 2nd