MUN Committee Awards 2012-2013 Season

  • UC Berkeley Research Award: Athena Nguyen, WB
  • UC Berkeley Research Award: Clarissa James, WB
  • UC Berkeley Commendation: Charlotte Leszinske, Press Corps
  • UC Berkeley Commendation: Emily Cornett, AU
  • UC Berkeley Commendation: Athena Nguyen, WB
  • UC Berkeley Best Delegate: Mary Battistella, CRISIS
  • Stanford University Research Award: Caroline Vielhauer, OAS
  • Stanford University Commendation: Emily Cornett, SPECPOL
  • Stanford University Commendation: Clarissa James, SCO
  • Stanford University Best Delegate: Charlotte Leszinske, ADHOC

*For the first time in SF MUN history two delegates, Athena Nguyen and Emily Cornett, were selected by their committee peers to serve as rapporteurs for the 61st session of Berkeley Model United Nations.