Safety Response
See Something - Say Something


When incidents such as the Florida shooting, which occurred Wednesday, happen, students and their families want to know what to do. At SFHS, we help students to not be fearful, but to be prepared. While the odds of an active shooter scenario are small, we do educate our students about active shooter lockdowns and shelter in place scenario. We follow the FBI Run/Hide/Fight protocols, which was demonstrated at the last student Safety Assembly. Take a moment to review the information below, and view the attached video example as a refresher.  Please take the time to share this information with your family and discuss what you should do if you are ever in this type of situation whether it is in or out of school.

Run, Hide, Fight
  • If an incident were to happen at St. Francis, the first response should be to RUN away from the sound of shooting to the safest place.  If this involves having to leave campus, go to Phoebe Hearst School (1410 60th Street), or St. Mary’s School (1351 58th). Both schools are off M street behind SFHS. Go there if it is safe to do so.  This will help us to account for you.
  • If you cannot run from the scene,  HIDE in a classroom, building, or any place that offers shelter from the shooter. Silence your cell phone; don’t talk; try to remain quiet and calm.
  • If the shooter is approaching, you will have to decide to whether to FIGHT.  If you decide to fight, commit and use everything possible to harm the attacker, take the lead from the adult in the room (if one is available).  Be prepared and discuss these issues with your parent/s when you would/should fight.

It is important to always know how to keep yourself safe.  At school or elsewhere, always know where the exits are. Always know how to secure a classroom door. If you don’t know, ask a teacher/staff member to demonstrate. Pay attention during the drills to really understand what to do in an emergency.


As in most tragedies, people come forward after the event to share that they knew the person was going to do something. Sometimes it’s because it is said in confidence, sometimes it’s posted on social media, sometimes it’s a situation that showed what the person was going to do.  If any of these things occur, if you SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING.  We here at SFHS, have an Anonymous Alert System, school email, and teachers/staff as resources. Your parents or any trusted adult should be told so they can make sure everyone is safe.  When it involves the safety of another person, nothing should be confidential.

My office is always available to help answer any questions. Please feel free to reach out.  Don’t be afraid, be prepared. 

Many blessings,
Mrs. Cost

Run/Hide/Fight Video used by local high schools - click HERE.