Track and Field Preseason Information

St. Francis Track and Field Goals: 
  • Delta League Champions
  • Advance as many athletes as possible to Sections, Masters, and State
  • Improve on individual personal records
  • To work hard.
  • To have fun.
  • Always remember track and field is a real sport. It is not a hobby.  You must be at all practices on time (3:45 PM), with proper equipment, and prepared to workout. If coming late becomes a problem then you will not be able to compete in upcoming meets or you will be suspended from the team. 
  • If you are not able to attend practice, you must notify Coach Jett or your event coach personally.  Do not tell your friend, to tell your other friend, to tell the coach.  YOU must notify the appropriate coach. 
  • Absences from practice must be excused by the coaching staff. Valid excuses for absences from practice do not include serving detention, working at your after school job, doing homework, other club sports teams etc. If you miss a practice without an excuse you can expect to not compete that week. 
  • Attendance at practice means completing the entire workout, including warm-up and cool down, as assigned by your event coach. Leaving early and not completing the workout is considered an absence. Practice will only be cancelled due to extreme (dangerous) weather conditions. Never assume practice is cancelled unless you hear it directly from a coach. 
  • All team members must be dressed appropriately during practice. Be sure you have the proper shoes and clothing every day. 
  • Athletes are expected to compete in all of the events in which they are entered unless you are injured during the competition. 
  • During a meet you cannot pull yourself out of an assigned event unless you receive permission from the head track coach. 
  • The Holy Spikes! Meet vs CB and our Delta League dual meets take place on March 7(@JHS), March 14(@Monterey Trail), March 21(@JHS), April 4(@Sheldon), and April 18(@JHS).  All team members are expected to be at these meets from start to finish.  High school track and field is a team sport.  You are expected to support your teammates before and after you have done you individual events.  These meets generally start at 3:30 and are over by about 7.  Clear that time now so there is no issue for you later. 
  • Failure to show up for any meet without the prior approval of the head track coach will result in disciplinary action (suspension or dismissal from the team). Check the meet schedule, make sure your work schedule, academics, appointments, etc. work around it. 
  • Academics should be your number one priority, you are a student first, then an athlete.  That being said, by choosing to be on the team you must be able to organize your time so that you are able to complete your responsibilities on the track and in the classroom. 
  • All injuries must be reported to the coaching staff. You will be expected to see the school trainer and possibly your family physician or a sports medicine physician. If you need to miss practice because you are sick let a coach know before you leave school. 
  • Much of the track season coincides with the cold and flu season. All athletes are strongly encouraged not to share water bottles, jugs, etc. with any other member of the team.
  • No indulging in alcohol or drugs. You will be automatically dismissed from the team if you are found to have been involved in this activity. 
  • No one is above the team. Fighting, “trash talking” to teammates or opponents, mouthing off, refusing to do the workouts, leaving meets early, showing disrespect for any adult, coach, members of an opposing team, or your fellow team members will not be tolerated. Everybody on the team is important, regardless of their PR, and deserves your respect and encouragement. If any of the above becomes a problem disciplinary action will be taken.  Remember no one will be cut from the team based on ability.  You can, however, be removed from the team for behavior.