Stephanie Cargill-Greer ‘08
International Associate Sales Manager, Chronicle Books


Hi! I’m Stephanie, and I am a Bay Area based international associate sales manager at Chronicle Books, a book and gift publishing company. I have a BA in English Lit from Humboldt State and a Masters in Publishing Studies for University of Stirling in Scotland. While studying in Scotland, I interned for a small publishing company called Canongate Books. Once I graduated, I took a position at Chronicle Books in international sales. I have always loved books and travel, and this job gives me the best of both worlds. In my current role, I manage all of our international sales reps in Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, and the Caribbean. I get to collaborate with people all around world every day and sell books, games, and gifts that I love. Before the pandemic, I was also very lucky to also travel to Beijing, China and Vancouver, Canada for my job. As for my spare time, I am a fan of knitting, audiobooks, true crime podcasts, and recently baking.
A few things I can discuss at career day: the publishing industry, international sales, studying and traveling abroad, working with and appreciating difficult cultures, internships.