Staying Connected


Staying Connected

While times are tough, we think it’s also important to recognize the “silver linings” that situations like these bring to light. We are certainly blessed to be members of a Catholic community and appreciate the blessings God continues to bring into our lives even amid this calamity. If possible, we would like to hear from you on the “good things” that have come out of this quarantine. If you can send pictures, that would be great, as I would love to share them on our social media platforms. Email in to Raquel Namba at 

Supporting Our Community

These are challenging times for all of us, but we know we are better together. And one thing the St. Francis community does better than most is support each other.

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Find beauty in the ordinary

Rosalva (Romo) Willow from class of 1988, and currently a photography instructor at SFHS. She recently posted this spectacular photo of hers paired with a poem, and shared “I’m hoping to inspire my photography students to find beauty in the ordinary while they shelter in place so I’ve been thinking a lot about Emily Dickinson. I went out into my backyard to practice what I preach, found this pretty feather dangling from a camellia and took the picture. Then, I looked up Emily Dickinson and this was the first poem I stumbled across.” #TroubieHeroes