Rosea Pagliaroli ‘99
Regional Technician Director, VCA


I graduated from Carrington College, in 2001 and received my RVT licensing very shortly after that. I started working at a veterinary hospital in Sacramento and held multiple positions including Assistant Director of PetNursing until 2010. I then moved to Cordova Veterinary Hospital where I expanded my knowledge with continuing education and became especially interested in nutrition and formed strong relationships with Hills, Royal Canin and Purina. I was promoted to Technician Supervisor in 2014. I later began working with the Career Development Team in 2019 working to continue the Technician and Assistant Career Development Tiering Program where I was able to share my skills and knowledge with other VCA hospitals in Sacramento. Then in Feb 2020 I was promoted the Regional Technician Director. In this position I get to train all over Northern California sharing my skills and love for VetMed. I am able to support students with college scholarships, provide individual training and development plans, as well as be a mentor to others looking to further their career in the VCA Family.