2016 - 2017 School Year

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2017 National French Contest!

Congratulations to our “Laureats Nationaux” aka National Gold Medal Winners of the 2017 French National Contest: Sharon Burk, Kyla Burmester, Sophia Velilla, Madeline Dunlay, Lauren Kim & Alison Bradus!

And special congratulations to Sharon Burk for receiving 2nd place in the nation for French II and to Kyla Burmester for 3rd in the nation for French II and to Lauren Kim for 2nd in the nation for French III.

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26th Annual International Night
April 5, 2017

We want to extend congratulations to the Modern and Classical Languages Department for completing their 26th Annual International Night on April 5th! The evening was filled with wonderful food, incredible music, and fabulous dancing.

We are continually amazed at the level of talent that graces our stage. Each act was beautifully choreographed and performed. And the theme of St. Francis Airlines tied all the pieces together seamlessly!

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Mini Life Savers at the SF Walk for Life 2017

Our Mini Life Savers at the San Francisco Walk for Life on Saturday, January 21, 2017. Every life is precious and a gift. We celebrate life from conception to natural death. #lifeisprecious #troubietakeover

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Academic Decathlon 2016 Season Finale

Academic Decathlon wrapped up their season this week. The theme this year was India. Competition was last Saturday, February 6, and the banquet where results were announced was last Tuesday, February 9. Overall, we placed 11th out of 21 teams in Sacramento County.